Finding Support Groups in Columbus, Ohio: What Resources Are Available?

Are you looking for a suitable support group in Columbus, Ohio? You're in luck! There are many resources available to help you find the right one. From promotional services to mental health during pregnancy and postpartum, workplace and community educational programs, professional training, and an online resource directory, there are plenty of options to choose from. Students recovering from a substance use disorder can benefit from an education focused on recovery and a safe, supportive environment. For those actively supporting a loved one with cancer, there is a six-session group that provides an opportunity to meet, share experiences, and talk with others in similar situations.

Support groups also allow people in recovery to interact with and receive encouragement from others struggling with addiction. In addition to attending support groups in person, individuals can also participate in online support groups and email questions to the “family response team.” Cancer Support Community Central Ohio offers individual counseling that provides participants with one-on-one time with a mental health professional who has experience helping people express their thoughts, fears, and emotions. Free support groups, temporary care, and educational classes are available throughout Ohio for people of different ages and stages of development. First responders who come to the scene of a suicide can receive help baskets, individual peer support, and organized support groups for adults and adolescents. Grieving mothers and their families can access individual and group counseling, mentoring, support and outreach programs, as well as annual and monthly outings and events. For those diagnosed with bladder cancer or ovarian cancer or other types of gynecological cancer, there are support groups available. A walk-in wellness and recovery center offers individual and group support with daily recreational activities related to mental health, trauma, and substance abuse.

There are also support groups for people with depression and survivors of a loved one's suicide. The Caregiver Contact Group can help address everyday challenges while supporting a loved one. Parents can search for psychologists, treatment centers, legal services, support groups, and summer camps to find the right resources for their family's needs. With so many options available in Columbus, Ohio, it's easy to find the right support group for you or your loved one.