Support Services for People with Disabilities in Columbus, Ohio

Are you looking for support services for people with disabilities in Columbus, Ohio? Disability Rights Ohio is a great resource for individuals with disabilities who need legal defense and rights protection. This organization provides assistance with issues such as abuse, neglect, discrimination, access to assistive technology, special education, housing, employment, community integration, voting, and protecting rights. They also offer promotional services, mental health during pregnancy and postpartum, support groups for people with various mental health problems, workplace and community education programs, professional training, and an online resource directory. Mentor parents are another great resource for families of children with special needs.

These parents work in schools in Ohio to provide information and support to families. They offer online support to parents and other caregivers by providing an environment of understanding, sharing, and helping others who need support as they face the challenges of caring for a sick child, a child with special needs, or the needs of other dependent people. Mentor parents also provide support programs for life, art, health and well-being, and a variety of activities in community settings such as volunteering, recreation and leisure, and community outreach. ECHO is another organization that helps people with disabilities in Columbus.

They assist in a variety of ways such as household chores, money management, finding housing and transportation. They also act as a friendly face to support and encourage people with developmental disabilities to make their own decisions. The intensive needs of all people enrolled in labor and community services are met including comprehensive behavioral services and on-site mental health support. Goodwill Columbus residential services have been a lifesaver for hundreds of people with disabilities who live in their own homes in central Ohio.

This organization provides essential services that help individuals with disabilities live independently.